Solar Kit

We have been learning about the sun this term.  As part of this we have been using a solar kit, it has a fan, buzzer and a light bulb.  The kit also has a solar panel and if all the wires are connected properly it will make the buzzer, light or fan work.

Questions About the Sun

We thought of our own questions about the sun.  Some of these questions were from our class 'wonder wall' (see the earlier blog post 'our Term 4 wonder wall').  Then we used Ipads to find out the answers.  We found out lots of interesting facts about the sun!

Recorder Lessons

We have been learning to play the recorder with Mr McCallum.  We are getting really good at it now!

Sun Safety

We have been thinking about what we can do to stay safe in the sun.  We made collages to show how someone can protect themselves from getting sunburnt.

Our Term 4 Wonder Wall

Room 2 thought about what we would like to know about space.  We wrote our own 'I wonder...?' questions to go on the Wonder Wall.

Showing the Community CARE Value

We are showing our Community CARE values by working together to keep the classroom clean and tidy.

Medal Making

We have been making our own Olympic Medals using salt dough.  We had to design our medal on paper first and then made it using the dough.

Cricket Coaching

On Wednesday we had two cricket coaches come to the school.  We played some games that involved fielding and hitting balls.

Peace Week

This week was Peace Week.  As part of this Room 2 made a special 'peace tree.'  We painted the outline of the tree.  The leaves were made by tracing around our hands.  We then wrote a message or drew a relevant picture on our leaf and painted it.

Mathletics Class of the Week for New Zealand

Room 2 have won a special award for being the New Zealand Mathletics class of the week.  This means that Room 2 had the most points for any class in the whole country!  Well done to all the Room 2 children for working hard to achieve this and thanks to the parents who have been supporting their children on Mathletics at home.

Olympic Torches

This week we have learnt about how the Olympic Flame is carried by a relay to the Olympic Stadium.  We watched a video from the 1992 Barcelona opening ceremony when an archer used a flaming arrow to light the Olympic cauldron.  We then made our own Olympic torches and decorated them.