Statistical Investigations

Statistical Investigations

WALT: collect data, construct a graph, and discuss the results.

Success Criteria:
I will know I can do this when I can:
·      Know what data is
·      Pose questions for investigation
·      Collect data
·      Use tally marks
·      Make a pictograph
·      Make a bar graph
·      Ask and answer questions about the graph

      James said, "I asked do you like tennis or soccer best? I drew a bar graph. My graph shows how many people like tennis or soccer.  9 people like tennis and 10 people like soccer.  Next time I will ask how many people like different reptiles like snakes, tuataras and lizards.”
      Cory said, "I learnt to ask questions like how many people like cake, donuts, apple crumble, ice-cream and fudge.  I then I colored in my bar graph. I found out 10 people like donuts, 2 people like cake, 3 people like apple crumble, 5 people like ice-cream and 1 person likes fudge. Next time I want to pick different foods to ask."

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