We went to Scotland!

Tap tap tap! What's that noise. It's the bagpipes and two highland dancers. Today Gus' mum came and played 3 songs on the bagpipes. Ella felt excited because she has heard it about 100 times but most of the kids hadn't. Part of Ella's costume was a kilt.  Baxter thought the kilt looked like a picnic blanket. Ella and Zara did a joyful jig and a highland fling. Then Gus's mum started playing Star Wars on the bagpipes so we all got excited. Gus's mum was amazing because the bagpipes are very hard to play.  By Baxter and Ella

Thanks very much to Ella's mum for letting her bring her costume and to Gus's mum for playing for us. We loved the performances and it was nice to learn something about Scotland and see the talent we have at Oaklands.

Zara and Ella doing a dance.

This is the jig costume.

By Ella and Baxter.

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