Topic - Change (Plants and Seeds)

Change - Plants and Seeds

We are learning to understand that:
Scientists follow a specific process and ask questions that lead to investigations.
Plants need many things to move through the life cycle.

We will know we can do this when we can:
Draw pictures that depict the life cycle of plants.
Label the parts of a plant.
Understand and describe how plants make their own food from water, air (CO2) and sunlight (photosynthesis).
Sort and classify objects into categories of our own making and independently represent these in a Venn diagram.

Noah said, "In topic I have planted a been plant.  I have learnt plants make their food in their leaves.  They make food by mixing sun, water and air in their leaves to make sugar.  It's called photosynthesis.  I learnt about life-cycles and that seeds can drop, get carried by animals, and float like coconuts.  I have been learning to make a venn diagram and sort things into a venn diagram. I put smooth and jagged for the words.  There was only one smooth leaf and there were five in the middle that are a little bit jagged and a little bit smooth. Six leaves are jagged.  I can understand venn diagrams."

Charlie said, "I been learning about plants and life cycles and I'm learning to sort leaves into a Venn Diagram.  I sorted them into jagged leaves and smooth leaves.  I made some mistakes because I found it hard to choose sometimes.  Next time I will sort them better."

James said, "In topic I have been learning about change and plants.  I planted some seeds and they are growing very big each day.  I did some experiments with Mrs GH and a life cycle.  I also learnt to classify leaves into a Venn diagram.  I did spiky and perfect (smooth) leaves.  I sorted them well but I made one mistake, I put sugar maple in the wrong place.  Next time I will try do the right thing which will be easy."

Venn Diagrams on PhotoPeach

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