Kauri Trees

This week Room 2 have been doing lots of learning about Kauri Tree's during reading and writing. This came about because our team song talks about growing from a seed into a Kauri tree but we didn't really know much about Kauri tree's. 

We read articles about animals and plants that need the Kauri tree forest to survive. We highlighted words that we didn't know how to say or were not sure of the meaning. Some of these articles were tricky but we didn't give up.

Then we started writing reports about these plants and animals.

Here is our class Kauri tree. The trunk was made from recycled lunch order bags. We are going to cover it with information and facts. Watch this space!!!

We have also been taking part in a virtual field trip with Learnz. We take part in the fieldtrip by watching the daily video updates. This helps us learn more about Kauri tree's.

Next week we will be finishing and publishing our reports and learning about what is threatening Kauri tree's at the  moment.


  1. Caitlyn said she really enjoyed learning about the Kauri Tree!

    Great work team!

  2. Paula (Ella's Mum)28 March 2014 at 15:08

    Looks like some wonderful learning going on here!! That kauri tree you have made looks great, can't wait to see what facts you put up.